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Packing Detail for Mass Products
Packing Detail for Mass Products
1. Carton Packing
Packing Detail for Mass Products,Plastic Bag with Label
Plastic Bag with Label
Terada use plastic Bag to pack stainless steel hardware. Each Bag with label which type size, quantity, material and so on.
Packing Detail for Mass Products, Five Play Carton with Label
 Five Play Carton with Label
After all plastic packing products will put into five play carton which is more firm and can bear one people standing on. 
Packing Detail for Mass Products,Export Plate
Export Plate

After The pallets are made by iron material or non-fumigation plywood.

2. Plastic Woven Bag Packing
Some products are use plastic woven bag to pack, which main for big size products and not suitable cartons.
Packing Detail for Mass Products,Thickened Plastic Woven Bag
Thickened Plastic Woven Bag
TERADA's plastic sack packaging uses a thicker material bag and which thickness is more than 2mm. That can do well for heavy goods.
Packing Detail for Mass Products,Pallet with plastic tensile membrane
Pallet with plastic tensile membrane
Wrap the wrapping film around the sack and tie it with a strap. Make mass cargo more firm when they are shipped.
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