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Lifting anchor for precast concrete intruduce and dimension

Lifting anchor for precast concrete intruduce and dimension

Mar 6,2023

  •  Lifting Anchor is specially engineered to safely lift precast concrete elements in the most challenging of environments and site conditions.
  • The Lifting Anchors timeless design comprise of a round steel rod with a foot and head forged using a special impact and abrasion resistant steel.
  • We offers a wide range of lifting anchors for all sizes from 1.3T to 32.0T.
  • The capacity loads are axial with minimum breakage safety factor of 3.

The permissible load – bearing capacity of a lifting anchor is given in table shown. 

These values are valid for non – reinforced concrete with any direction of pull and with a minimum edge spacing ar: ar > 3 X (L+s) 

Load transfer takes place via the foot of the lifting anchor.

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