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How to use Terada Lifting Clutch on your Concrete structure?

How to use Terada Lifting Clutch on your Concrete structure?

Mar 14,2023
 Lifting Clutch
  • Terada Lifting Clutch is a tried and tested solution for lifting precast concrete elements.Utilizes established technologies and is available in a wide range of sizes from 1.3T to 32.0T.Available in zinc plated surface.Hot-dipped galvanized are available upon request.


In general, accident prevention regulations of the user country must be observed, especially those for the use of cranes and lifting equipment. Prefabricated elements, especially pipes, which are to be lifted using the turning and lifting link, must not be previously lifted using the universal head link.

In order to couple the link to the anchor, the sphere is pushed with its opening facing downwards over the anchor. The latch of the sphere is then turned downwards. The universal-head sits in the recess and now ready for use. 
All tilting, turning and swivelling motions are permissable and quite safe with the universal-head. Any position of the grip is possible for diagonal lift. Due to the counterweight of the latch, the sphere is always in the correct position, even in the unloaded state.
During turning, the universal-head link latch must point in the direction of pull.
To release, the load hook is lowered and the sphere turned up and out.
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