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TERADE Our Values and Duty
Our Values and Duty
From the beginning, we recognize ourselves as: serve the customers with best service; promote the economic benefit with our professionals.

INTEGRITY – What is honesty? Sincerely doing things. Treat customers with inquiries, seek truth from facts, and do not falsely report data. Doing production in a down-to-earth manner, doing business in a book. Integrity can win the trust of customers.

DILIGENT–What is diligence? We must constantly update our product knowledge and water, and continue to learn. In this way, you can make a professional answer to the customer's inquiry. R & D personnel must continuously improve production technology to improve production efficiency and production quality. Create more value for customers and companies.

INSIST – What is persistence? Insist on doing business and hardware. Committed to production. Adhere to excellent service and adhere to the same quality.

GOOD PASSION - What is work passion? It is patience to the customer's inquiry and patiently answer the customer's doubts. Be serious about your work and never let go. No matter how long you work, you can constantly learn new things and enrich yourself.

TEAM WORK - What is teamwork? Internally, strengthen cooperation and sharing among colleagues, unite colleagues, and help each other. Externally, patiently assist customers to complete purchase orders, proofing and delivery, to ensure that goods arrive at the customer in a timely and safe manner.

CUSTOMER FIRST - What is the customer first? It is the priority of the customer. Try to think for the customer. For example: arrange the boat to direct to the boat, the time is fast, not the cheapest. Processing and production are best based on product performance, not the most trouble-free, and the lowest cost.
TERADE HARDWARE Our Values and Duty
TERADE HARDWARE Our Values and Duty
TERADE HARDWARE Our Values and Duty
TERADE HARDWARE Our Values and Duty
TERADE HARDWARE Our Values and Duty
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