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Application and Precautions of Rigging Hardware

Application and Precautions of Rigging Hardware

April 15,2021
The rigging hardware, as a kind of hardware rigs, is widely used in various fields. However, improper use can lead to many problems, and even dangers. We need to pay attention to the following problems in the process of using and storing.

Rigging hardware application

Rigging hardware classification: There are two main types of rigging: metal rigging and synthetic fiber rigging.

Metal slings mainly include wire rope rigging, chain slings, shackles, hooks, lifting (clamp) pliers, magnetic slings, etc.

Synthetic fiber rigging mainly includes rope and belt rigging made of nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers.

Rigging includes a D-ring safety hook, spring hook, tight rigging, double-ring buckle, American ring bolt, etc.

The scope of application of rigging hardware: rigging is widely used in ports, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, mining, railways, construction, metallurgy and chemical engineering, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, paper machinery, industrial control, logistics, bulk transportation, pipelines Auxiliary equipment, maritime rescue, marine engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, venues, and other important industries.

Precautions for the use of rigging hardware

1. Do not use damaged rigging.

2. When hoisting, do not twist or twist the rigging.

3. Don't let the rigging get knotted.

4. Avoid tearing the sewing joints or overloading work.

5. When moving the rigging, don't drag it.

6. Avoid grabbing or shocking the load.

Rigging  hardware preservation

1. Wire rope sling. Before storing the steel wire rope sling, the surface oil should be removed first, and then apply a proper amount of grease, and stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, and avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali.

2. Lifting belt. The storage temperature of the hoisting belt is between -20°C and 100°C. It should be stored in a special rack for the hoisting belt. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry environment with no open flames or heat sources around. After cleaning, the wet sling should be dried first and then stored.

3. Chain rigging. The chain rigging should be stored in clean, dry, well-ventilated conditions, the temperature is required to be room temperature, and placed on a shelf, away from heat sources, the gas that can corrode the exterior, and various chemicals.

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