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Wire rope shackle use range and scrapping standard.

Wire rope shackle use range and scrapping standard.

Update Time:2022/11/22
Wire rope shackle use range and scrapping standard.
The stainless steel shackle is a type of stainless steel rigging. The shackles commonly used in the domestic market are generally classified into three categories according to the production standard: the national standard, the American standard, and the Japanese standard; among them, the American standard is the most commonly used, because it is widely used because of its small size and large weight. According to the type can be divided into G209 (BW), G210 (DW), G2130 (BX), G2150 (DX). According to the type can be divided into bow type (omega type) bow type with female shackle and D type (U type or straight Type) D type with female shackle; according to the place of use can be divided into two types of marine and land.

Scope of use
The shackle is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical, port, mining, construction and other industries.

Scrap standard
1. There is obvious permanent deformation or the axle pin cannot rotate freely.
2. The wear of any part of the buckle body and the shaft pin is more than 10% of the original size.
3. Cracks appear in any part of the shackle.
4. The shackle cannot be locked.
5. Unsatisfactory after shackle test.

Material and use
At present, the better shackles are generally full forging processes, and the shackle pull is good. Stainless steel shackles include general lifting shackles, marine shackles and general shackles. The weight is heavy and the volume is large, and it is generally not installed in a position that is not frequently disassembled. When choosing a shackle, pay attention to the safety factor, which is generally 4 times and 6 times. When using the shackle, the rated load must be strictly observed. Excessive use and overloading are not allowed.
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