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How to Install a Cable Railing System?

How to Install a Cable Railing System?

Update Time:2022/11/22
How to Install a Cable Railing System?
How to install the cable railing system?

More and more private users prefer to install cable railing systems in their courtyards, balconies or stairs. Because of its simple appearance and low cost, it is in line with the most demanding aesthetics of the contemporary people, and is loved by the majority of users.

First you need to prepare the relevant tools and hardware accessories. The installation of the wire cable is the main accessory, and according to your own preferences, you can choose the corresponding stainless steel hardware. Installation is very simple. As long as you follow our instructions, you can DIY your own work.

Need to prepare the following tools and accessories:

Cable crimping pliers
2. Cable cutter
3. Electric drill
4. Suitable drill bit
5.1/8 inch cable
6.cable railing fittings

1) Drilling

Drill evenly spaced holes in the pre-fixed handrail. If using our 1/8" stainless steel cable (recommended for excellent strength and corrosion resistance), we recommend using a 3/16" hole. After the template is finished, use the drill and 3/16" drill on the column. Drill holes.

2) Determine the required cable length

Determining the length of the cable requires a little math. You need to first determine the perimeter of the area where you want to place the cable railing, and then multiply by the desired rung or multiple strands:

Total required cable = circumference X required number of strands

3) Ensure cable level

After drilling all the holes in the column, it is best to ensure that the cables are parallel and level to each other. To do this, thread the rope through all the holes and adjust the tension until the rope is taught. Take a step back and redo the work once. If you are satisfied, please continue to the next step.

4) Cut and terminate the cable

Use steel wire rope scissors to cut the length of the required wire rope, and insert one end of the wire rope into the selected stainless steel hardware fittings, and press them with pressing pliers to ensure that the wire rope will not be pulled out from the hardware.

6) Adjust cable tension and seal cable

Use a hex tool to adjust the cable to the proper tension. It is necessary to have the slack of the cable and not to hang down.

Repeat as described above until all cable railing is installed.

How to Install a Cable Railing System?
How to Install a Cable Railing System?
How to Install a Cable Railing System?
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