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Glass Spider

The glass curtain wall is currently the most used form. It is made of metal material as a supporting structure system, and the surface glass is firmly fixed on it through metal connectors and fasteners, which is very safe and reliable. Taking full advantage of the flexibility of the metal structure to meet the needs of architectural modeling, one can clearly see the entire structural system of the supporting glass through the glass. The crystal clear and transparent metal structure, the embodiment of "beauty" and "force". Increased the effect of "virtual" and "real" contrast.

TERADA Hardware mainly provides stainless steel support hardware - wall connective spider. It is also called glass wall spider. The connective wall spider is mainly used as a supporting joint and transmits a load to the fixed supporting structure. It is an important accessory for connecting the glass curtain wall.

The glass curtain wall is composed of a connector, wall spider, and Glass. The wall spider as support joints and transmit loads to the fixed glass. It is an important accessory for connecting glass walls. Common shapes are: four arm spider, three arm spider, 90 degrees spider, 180 degrees spider, long single arm spider, short single arm spider, K type spider, I-shaped spider, T-shaped spider, Y-shape spider, wheel type spider and so on.

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We are a glass hardware specialist and you could get follow service from us:
                                                                                              Glass Spider 
                                                                                              Swimming Pool Fittings
                                                                                              Glass Guardrail
                                                                                              Wire Rope
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