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Terada CNC Advantages

1. TERADA has been engaged in CNC producing for more than 20 years and has rich production experience and high technical standards.

2. TERADA's CNC machine is a high-precision machine from Taiwan that guarantees the precision of the product.

3. TERADA has 15 years of experience in non-standard CNC hardware, and can independently develop and design CNC products for customers' needs.

What is CNC Technology?
Numerical control is the abbreviation of digital control or numerical control. It is a technology that realizes control in the form of digital.

The modern CNC system is composed of programs, input and output devices, computer numerical control devices, programmable controllers, spindle control units and speed control units. It is also known as the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system.

CNC machine tools use numerical control devices or electronic computers to replace all or part of the general machine tool's various actions on the machine tool when machining parts, such as starting, machining sequence, changing cutting amount, spindle shifting, selecting tools, coolant opening and closing, and Manual control such as parking. Therefore, the CNC machine tool is a machine tool equipped with a numerical control system, and uses digital signals to control the movement of the machine tool and its machining process.
CNC Technology Application on Hardware
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