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How to defense coronavirus in Terada factory?

How to defense coronavirus in Terada factory?

Issue Time:2020/03/13
How to defense coronavirus in Terada factory?

The local coronavirus in our company is not serious and has little impact. However, considering the safety of personnel and production, our company has taken many protective measures to ensure the safety of production.


1. We set up a special disinfection room to disinfect the whole body of the production staff every day. Ensuring safe production for workers entering and leaving the workshop

2. A special registration window is set up at the entrance to perform information registration and temperature measurement of personnel entering and leaving our company.

3. Take detailed temperature measurements every morning before workers enter the factory

4. Strictly disinfect the production equipment and plant after work every day

5. Uniform disinfection for each batch of products shipped.


Terada's leadership attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and control. While ensuring safe production, all production personnel are required to carefully produce, grasp the quality, and ensure the quality of each product.


The virus is not terrible. As long as we work together and there are no insurmountable difficulties, please believe in our professionalism and rest assured that you will place the order with us. Terada will make every effort to complete your order and let the product reach your hands safely.


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