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Forging Hardware and Casting Hardware: Which is Better?

Forging Hardware and Casting Hardware: Which is Better?

Issue Time:2019/02/21
Forging Hardware and Casting Hardware: Which is Better?
Customers often ask us, forging and casting: which is better? "Let's answer for you below.

In fact, forging and casting are two very different manufacturing methods. They have their own advantages and disadvantages for different purposes.

Casting heats the material above its melting temperature and then pours it into the mold to cure it. When forging certain objects, although it is often heated, it is physically forced to deform while remaining solid.

Forging is only a change in shape and does not change its solid structure. However, forgings generally have lower surface porosity, finer grain structure, higher tensile strength, better fatigue life/strength, and greater ductility than castings. In other words, the forged pull will be better.

How much is the forging better than the casting?
1. The tensile strength of the forging is 26% higher than that of the casting. This means you can get a stronger pull with a lower weight.
2. The fatigue strength of the forgings increased by 37% and the fatigue life was extended by six times.
3. Forging accounts for 66% of the yield strength of forged steel.
4. The area where the forging is pulled to failure is reduced by 58%. The area of ​​the casting was only reduced by 6%. This means that there will be more deformation before the forged part fails.

So in terms of performance, the forged parts are much stronger than the cast parts. But from the perspective of cost performance, forging and casting are different. Because not all hardware accessories require high-strength tension, many of the requirements for tension are not very high. In this case, the castings are obviously more cost-effective.

1.For casting, the mold charge is relatively cheaper than the forged mold.
2. For castings, whether large or small, are not subject to equipment parameters.
3. Compared with the level of forging technology, the casting technology is easier to master and the labor cost is relatively low.
4. Castings can be used to make a wide variety of products, and forging is often impossible for products that are too complex.

Therefore, regardless of the forging or casting process, they have their own characteristics and strengths. The key is to see that the user needs a good pull and high quality. Still a cost-effective product. Of course, Terada Hardware can be produced, whether it is a cast product or a forged product. It only depends on the real needs of the customer and the psychologically acceptable price. As an excellent hardware supplier, our aim is to use our professional knowledge to meet the needs of our customers.

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